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Professional SEO Company South Africa

Hi, and welcome to the world of SEO. Cyber SEO is an optimization company bases South Africa offering professional, yet affordable search engine optimization.

We specialize in Google algorithm filters, manual penalties as well as self inflicted penalties, hacking and malware issues. Our SEO service prices are based on the Rand due to us been based in South Africa and due to most of our clientèle coming from South Africa.

Feel free to view Cyber SEO services prices and rates as well as Services Offered (same link)

Introduction Into Cyber SEO's Methods Of Optimization

As we all know Google and other search engines rank your site based on signals. However, as the web progresses the algorithms change. Our service keeps up to date with the ever changing algorithms.

That said and done our SEO service goes one step beyond regular SEO auditing. We give our clients specific areas to focus on that are directly related to there traffic, but lack.

Below is a brief explanation of the strategy used.

We first establish your targeted audience and there needs as well as targeted locations. We then use your content as link-bait to hone in on your audiences needs and de-prioritize or bypass other content that fails to meet there needs.

Once we have established your targeted audience and there intent we do keyword research, which is based on what the audience wants and not solely on your content. In most cases the site does not meet the audiences needs. We then add the necessary information based on the targeted audiences intent and the search volume for specific queries that are relevant to your site, but lack.

Always remembering Google are now looking for actual search intent (more like niche specific word combinations) rather than matching separate keywords.

Our next step is to categorize keywords, which allows us to further prioritize your content based on the popularity of those keywords to your site niche, content and search volume as well as discovering terms that are semantically relevant to your competitors websites.

We then move onto Click-Through-Rate (CTR) which plays an important roll in recognizing dead pages with potential that receive very little or no clicks (high impression rate but no clicks) We then analyse and identify the issues, which are usually due to poor SERP displays such as search snippets, bad architecture, etc. This by itself will allow us to grasp missed opportunities.

Competitor analysis comes next (sneaky but necessary, we need to know what we up against, and whether or not your site is totally dysfunctional) We now dig deep into your competitors sites and uncover all there faults and product features, content and SEO strategies that we feel your site will benefit from, as well as conduct traffic comparison and link comparison.

We base our SEO on accurate data and believe what's good for searchers is good for search engines. Hence, good for search engine marketing.

As the good old saying goes - "Content is King and editorial backlinks are Queen".

Free SEO Site Reviews

Please feel free to contact us for a non-obligation quote and free site review. The Free SEO site reviews comprises of on-page optimisation analyses ​(titles, descriptions, alt on images, etc.) backlink analyses, content analyses, which includes relevance and linking patterns and we analyse responsive mobile design as well as page speed factors, only to mention a few.

By doing so will give us a pretty good insight into what's holding your site back in the organic search results. The review will also include advice and necessary steps to be taken to increase your rankings.

Give it a bash, you have nothing to loose, it's for free. You can contact me via mobile or you can send your details via the review submit form.

Mobile contact:
+27(0)63 004 1444 (International) or 063 004 1444 (South Africa) - Standard rates apply.

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