Cyber SEO Services Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

FAQs About Our SEO Services

Cyber SEO service, South Africa

Below I have compiled a list of frequently ask questions about our SEO services. Feel free to contact us further information.

What qualifications do you have?
Cyber SEO's experience has been gained by contributing in Google Webmasters Product Forums studying Crawling and Indexing, Webmaster Tools, Hacking and Malware as well as Algorithm Filters and Manual WebSpam Penalties.

My quest and obsession with crawler behaviour all started back in 2010 just after Lysis (the Sarcastic, Cheeky Queen-Bee) was nominated as Top Contributor in the Product Forum, then know as Webmaster Central. Most of my knowledge came from Top Contributors such as Webado (Crawling, Indexing and Hacking) Ashley and Redleg (Hacking and Malware) as well as distinguished Google employee John Mueller.

That said and done. We are also familiar with the various languages and levels of coding such as HTML, CSS, JavaSript, PHP and have basic programming knowledge, and have extensive CMS experience such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc. I am also experienced in Computer Numerical Control programming.

Do you have back-door contacts at Google?
No I do not. John Mueller was and still is an active member of Google Product Forum, and that's as far as it goes! Google do not give preference to forum help members. Time spent in Google Webmaster Product Forums as a volunteer is free.

But then why was the Cyber SEO site only registered in 2014!!?
Simple... It took me 6 to 7 years to learn what I know today.

Do you keep up to date with Googles ever changing Algorithms?
Yes I do. I have however distance myself from posting in Google Webmaster Product Forums (which takes up to much of my time) I am however active on Twitter and do follow all Top Contributors (not that they post much) and Google employees such as John Mueller (@JohnMu) Gary Illyes (@ methode) and Ex Google employee Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) and not forgetting the 'news troll', Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) and Jennifer Slegg (@jenstar) amongst others. If there's an Algo update, I'm usually one of the first to know about it.

Does your SEO service guarantee front page rankings in Google?
Absolutely not. Front page rankings will depend on many factors like page content, the size of your site, your competition and popularity of phrases. We will however advise you on steps that need to be taken.

Are your SEO services limited to South Africa?
No our services are not limited to South Africa.

Does your service include social marketing?
On-Site SEO service prices do not include social marketing. The prices do however include adding your social profiles to your site. That said, we can accommodate your social needs which is part of our off-site SEO package.

What is the difference between On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO?
In a nut-shell

On-Site SEO is based on making your site crawler friendly as well as user friendly. Without On-Site SEO you will not rank, specifically if the site is miss-configured, has bad navigation, external copy, thin content, bad lay-out and drifts from relevance, etc.

Off-Site SEO is based on marketing your website via various platforms which would include social. Off-Site SEO targets niche based audience and NOT nonsensical clicks, it drives targeted traffic. Most sites don't require Off-Site SEO, or they prefer to marketing themselves.

For that reason and others we have split our SEO Services Packages, making them more affordable.

Both On-Site and Off-Site SEO costs the same and are based on 3 months (unless otherwise agreed upon)

Does On-Site SEO include Web Design?
No Web Design is charged separately. We do however make changes to your existing content, which is part of the On-Site SEO package.

Does your website include Penguin and Panda Algorithm help articles?
Yes. We have compiled a Panda help guide and as time allows we add new articles. You can navigate via SEO Help or use the navigation below.

Panda SEO help on building quality sites

Panda SEO Help Guide To Building Quality Sites

Penguin help articles such as Penguin Link Building Tips are also available or visiting the help link for additional Penguin articles.

Does the Cyber SEO website even rank? it has PR0
LOL. It ranks just fine, PageRank Zero and all. Below are only a few of our front page rankings (there are hundreds more)

Cyber SEO Rankings

We basically rank front page for ALL our targeted keywords, in ALL targeted locations. We do not believe in chasing after links. Our entire site is built using 'white hat' techniques.

I don't sit chewing off my nails every time Google tweak Panda and Penguin, they are of no threat to my site (they placid little, cute cyber pets)

PageRank zero rankings

I am however aware that PageRank contributes to higher rankings, but it is NOT the most important signal. Google and other search engines use hundreds of other metrics when weighing a site for the search results.

Don't be conned by PageRank Chasing SEO's. They are SCUM of the internet and will kill your website.

Most of my clients sites have succumb to such SCUM. And once you are nailed for illicit link building your site stands a chance of never recovering, or it becomes a long, expensive, frustrating road to recovery.

Self created, auto generated and paid follow links are against the guidelines of ALL search engines. Your site can rank without PageRank. Be patient, links will eventually materialize (editorial links posted by others, those are quality links)

Cyber SEO PROUDLY PR0 and smiling at the search results ;)

What type of sites do you NOT optimize?
Sites made for advertising (MFA sites) and we are extremely reluctant to take on sites that scrape or copy content, that would include sites that have very little or no content, like shopping sites that copy their products word for word from the manufactures catalogues without adding value to the products that already appear on 10 thousand other shopping sites.

Porn SEO Services FAQs - South Africa

Porn SEO Services - South Africa

​Do you offer a porn SEO service?
Porn SEO and Escort Agency SEO would depend on the site itself and the countries policies with regards to porn, escorts and other adult content.

Our SEO service will not touch any form of child porn and neither will we optimize sick fetish and bestiality sites or support porn sites that use illicit doorway pages, such as sites that draw users into viewing unsuitable and illegal materials by being directed to sites containing harmful materials, or through "pop-ups" and "mouse trapping". Or for that matter, any other method that redirects users to an undisclosed porn location,

Does your SEO service optimize commercial porn on Blogger?
No we do not. Commercial porn on Blogger is against the Blogger guidelines

What type of Blogger porn do you optimize?
We will optimize pornographic or sexually explicit content on Blogger if the adult warning content setting shows, and if the Blog itself meets Googles porn policies.

What are Google Blogger porn policies?