SEO Specials 2018

Discount Offer For South Africa

Easter SEO packages

Hi, and welcome to the world of Cyber SEO.

Guest what!! You late, you missed the December Special!! Keep an eye open for our next special, which will more than likely run in Easter

Always remembering, SEO campaigns can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months before been fruitful, and the size and condition of the website is also a factor in determining the length of a successful campaign. Shorter campaigns tend to have minimal effect which usefully only reflect months later.

In general we work on 3 months SEO contracts for medium size websites (+-100 pages) and 6 months, or even longer for larger sites and very seldom bother taking on 1 month contracts.

Normal SEO Rates

Our standard SEO prices are R1500.00 pm or R4200.00 for 3 months.