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Last updated - 1 August 2016

SEO Contracts, Consultation and Prices

  • Our SEO contracts (SEO service prices explained) are based on 3 months (unless otherwise agreed upon)

  • SEO will only commence once we receive 50% deposit.

  • For the optimisation package we submit a comprehensive report including snapshots of changes made and ranking changes, errors as well as suggestions and advice on a monthly basis (we will however communicate throughout the month via email)

  • For the maintenance package we submit a comprehensive report of rankings and errors on a monthly basis at the end of each month.

  • Telephone calls and emails are allowed throughout the month (within reason, we are unable to sit the entire day performing email conversation)

  • AdWords advertising and social media marketing are not included in any of the packages, but are available on request.

  • Unrelated issues such as additional consultation, hacking, link removal, etc, will be charged separately per hour
For further details view the SEO FAQs, which is a brief summary of our packages and website.


On-Site SEO is based on making your site search engine friendly as well as user friendly. Examples; platform configuration, fix navigation, remove spam, consolidate dead or copy or similar pages that don't receive hits, fix lay-out and we focus on relevance and user intent. On-Site SEO DOES NOT include web-design and uploading new products/content/pages.

Off-Site SEO is based on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) we market your website on other websites and platforms. Off-Site SEO targets niche based audience and drives targeted traffic from other sites/platforms to your site. Off-Site SEO DOES NOT include PageRank chasing.

Both On-Site and Off-Site SEO costs the same and are based on 3 months (unless otherwise agreed upon)

Prices can change depending on the size of the site, condition of the site and the sites niche. For that and other reasons we suggest you submit the site for a free review.

Free Website Reviews South Africa
Submit Website For Free SEO Analysis Report
If in the Knysna Plettenberg Bay area we do consultation. Our consultation includes analysis of the site, our SEO tactics and strategies as well as covering the fundamentals of your site in the search results.

Consultations are charged at R200,00 per hour, excluding fuel costs.

SEO Prices For South Africa
  • SEO prices per hour= R200 per hour

  • Monthly maintenance = R750 per month

  • Monthly optimization = R1500 per month (contracts are for 3 months, unless otherwise agreed upon)

  • Unnatural links = R200 per hour (backlink removal, disavow submit)

  • Penguin/Panda filters = R200 per hour

  • Hacking/malware recovery = R200 per hour

  • SEO proof reading = Cost priced per page

Free SEO and Business Reviews

Free SEO Reviews
We don't charge for basic website SEO reviews, analysis and the email report, and we don't request login or personal info. All we require is your site URL.

Free Website Review Advertising South Africa
Submit free SEO review

We do however charge for more complex issues such as in-depth analysis, website recovery, hacking and WebSpam Penalty help, which at times can become quite time consuming. In an instance like this we require a deposit of good faith and on completion final payment.

At times, such as hacked sites we do require login information to access your host and Webmaster Tools. That information will remain private and on completion you are advised to change your login credentials to protect yourself.

Free Business Reviews
Business reviews up-loaded on our site are free. Editing of those reviews (promotions, additional info, specials and targeting specific keywords) are paid.

Free Website Review Advertising South Africa
Submit your free business ads

Additionally. The free business reviews are only available on a limited basis (when we have time to write and upload reviews) and are not guaranteed.

That said and done. If you come across incorrect information, false negative reviews or misleading reviews then contact-us with the URL. We will then investigate and act according to our findings.

Further more. Cyber SEO cannot be held responsible for typing errors, incorrect contact details and outdated information and prices.

Please feel free to contact us via the contact page to report errors, bugs and what ever other complaints you may have. ​

Security and privacy​

Cyber SEO (also referred to as "we", "our", "us") cannot be held responsible codes and scripts that may be misinterpreted or misused and we cannot be held responsible for how malicious script examples are used by our visitors which are outside our control. Furthermore. We cannot be held responsible for scripts and advice other give.

Cyber SEO's intention is to help Webmasters identify malicious scripts, the scripts are not intended for malware, hacking, etc.

Cyber SEO does a substantial amount of research when it comes to codes, scripts and programming, so take the time out and read the articles, don't copy and past in hast.

Your privacy on our site is safe, we don't have active traps or rats on our site. We do however have "tools" and scripts to play with that mean you no harm. BUT, the scripts on our site can be used by other Webmasters and unethical hackers as traps and rats on there sites.

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