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Hi, and welcome to the Cyber SEO website, which is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company bases in South Africa offering affordable, cheap but yet professional SEO services in South Africa as well as internationally that fixes previous SEO disasters such as PageRank chasing gone wrong.

Cyber SEO Services specialize in SEO and SEM in South Africa and abroad, optimizing new and old sites, Google algorithm filters, Manual Webspam Penalties as well as Hacking, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerabilities, Web-Based Malware and Site Security.

Our existing and past clientèle ranges from shopping and classifieds to tourism and military as well as rehab and adult. Our knowledge been diverse in all fields and geographic locations.

We only tackle a limited amounts of sites at any given time. This by itself allows us to offer a more personalized service to our clients.

SEO help articles are available on our website, which includes mobile and hacking help and we keep you up-to-date with the latest Cyber news and Google's ever changing algorithms, Penguin and Panda amongst others algorithms. And don't forget to check-out our SEO FAQs, which are a summary of myself and our website.

  • Cyber SEO Pricing Structure and Services Offered

    Cyber SEO Prices and Services for 2018

    Our SEO prices and services include optimization of old and new sites. Our specialities been algorithm filters, manual penalty recovery as well as hacking issues.

  • Cyber SEO's Method Of Optimization

    Cyber SEO's Method Of Optimization

    Cyber SEO Services goes one step beyond regular SEO auditing. We give our clients specific areas to focus on that are directly related to traffic, but lack.

  • Panda SEO Guide To Recovery

    Panda SEO Guide To Recovery

    Cyber SEO Services has compiled a comprehensive and extremely accurate guide to Panda recovery as well as signals Panda uses when weighing your site.

  • Penguin 4.0 Update 2016 Link Building Tips

    Penguin 4.0 Update 2016 Link Building Tips

    Software generated backlinks and links from untrusted sources, as well as links that are not relevant to your niche will only impact negatively on your website.

Free SEO Reviews, Contracts and Prices

Our Free SEO Reviews include SEO Analysis of your website for report compilation. We analyse your site pin-pointing issues that are a drag, then provide you with recommendations on necessary changes to improve your sites performance in the search results and provide you with comprehensive recommendations with regards to responsive web design. The size of our reports are based upon the size and complexity of the site, and will vary from site to site.

Our free website analysis comes with a non-obligation guarantee, basic SEO advice, tactics and strategies that covers the fundamentals of organic search which will enable you to improve your search visibility.

If, or when you decide to use our SEO services we move to the next step and comply a comprehensive optimization strategy, estimated time frame and cost associated with the complexity of the site in accordance to our optimization recommendations.

As stated we only tackle a limited amounts of sites at any given time. This by itself allows us to offer a more personalized service to our clients.

Our affordable SEO contracts for South Africa, UK and USA are based on 3 months @ R1,500.00 p/m (unless otherwise agreed upon) The maintenance contracts are priced @ R750.00 p/m

The complexity of the site and targeted keywords could change the SEO contract price. For that and other reasons we suggest you submit your site for a basic technical SEO audit.

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